Employment Concept
Focus on career driven, team spirit, abilities, forge ahead, work performance
Talent Development Concept
Provide the suitable chances for the talents
Selection Principle
Based on the occupation, select the suitable talent, focus on company’s future
Three Principle of Talents Using
Recognize, using, inclusive
Infinite Development Space
Driven by business, focus on team work, abilities, brilliant promotion methods, provide the suitable chances for talents.
Company provides the opportunity to improve employees’ skills, and provide the internal competition chance, when the occupation vacancy, employees can ask for transfer or compete for employment.
Scientific Salary System
Company builds a completed salary system, provide the better chances and opportunity for employees to earn better salary. The salary including the level salary, allowance, seniority salary, special allowance, overtime pay and other bonus. Management team and R&D staffs’ salary system: Company will provide the reward for the staffs, company provides the dormitory and living allowance for junior staffs, and provides apartment, cars and stocks for senior staffs.
Insurance: Retired insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance(including diseases),maternity insurance, injury insurance
Annual physical examination
Provide meal allowance, and free cafe.
Arrange shuttle bus for staffs
National holidays
New uniform per year
Awards for Chinese traditional festivals
Gifts for staffs’ wedding and birthday, if staffs be in hospital, or direct relatives death,
company will provide allowance. Makes team building, and set up labour union, to protect the staffs’ benefits.
Training System
Enrich staffs’ knowledge, improve staffs’ skills, set up studying organization. 9 aspects training: Induction training, idea training, management system training, skill training, products training, sales training, service training, extended training, certification training, etc. Company has own media room and professional instructors team.